The Rank and File

Thus it began...

Aboard the freighter “The Emperor’s Majesty”

The heavy footsteps echoing across the marble floor could only mean one thing, Inquisitor Salvatore’s return. The heavy foot steps gave away his long stride and quick pace as he aproached the Cathedral. We sat patiently awaiting his return for what seemed an insurmountable time as he went to retrieve the data box containing the files from the Calexis Sector, specifically, Malice in the Hazeroth Sub Sector.

Malice, a whole-in-the-wall war world, once a sparwling Agri-world, now constantly fought over by the Xenos and the Imperium. At one time, it was quite a prize, but most of the inhabitable areas have been fought over, bombarded, seiged, and destroyed.

The Inquisitor strode in, still absorbed in his inner thoughts. Finally, he came to a stop in the middle of the room, his eyes rose from the data box, and suddenly he realised that every eye in the room was on him. Embarrassed, he spoke, “My appologies. I was lost in deep thought.” Everyone in the room, including the Inquisitor suddenly broke out in a laugh, as the Inquisitor blushed.

He took a moment to look up at the gothic architecture of the room while he gathered his thoughts. The long, molded archways reaching up to the ceiling, forming an “X” across the roof, where they met. Between the pillars were different depictions of the Emperor, standing in all his glory, painted in mosiacs. Inquisitor Salvatore once again returned his focus and attention back to the task at hand.


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